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Burma’s military must return confiscated-lands


Burmese military must return confiscated-lands to the rightful owners

14 February 2014

On 4th February 2014, Burmese military forcefully evicts “Tha Mee Ka Lay” villagers and demolishes the houses accusing them of illegally settling in the military-owned land even though villagers have long been staying there for several decades and for many generations.

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) earnestly denounces the Burmese military arbitrarily evicting the “Tha Mee Ka Lay Village” with excessive force, without providing temporary accommodation and without providing alternative means of shelter.

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) calls for all the justice loving people to show your solidarity with villagers of “Tha Mee Ka Lay Village” of Hle Kuu Township. The villagers have lost their homes, their children cannot go to school and cannot get proper health care.

Furthermore, Burmese government has responsibility to provide proper replacement accommodation even if they were found to be illegal. Land seizures by the military without providing temporary shelter is committing social injustice and also degrading the people.

Land grabbing is serious problem in Burma. Until now, Burmese people are suffering from social injustice. The current Burma’s quasi-civilian government must provide proper shelter if someone is legally homeless depending on the eligibility of the person.

Burmese military’s arbitrary eviction and forceful removal of the villagers of “Tha Mee Ka Lay Village” seriously damaged the reputation of U Thein Sein’s government which claimed to be doing reform in Burma. This is the very strong and very fresh evidence that arbitrary confiscation of villagers’ land by military in Burma is still widespread.

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) calls for U Thein Sein’s regime and Burmese military

1. to immediately stop confiscating lands from farmers, villagers and genuine land owners

2. to immediately return the confiscated-land to farmers, villagers and genuine land owners

3. to immediately compensate farmers, villagers and genuine land owners for their lost and damaged caused

In solidarity,

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)



Note: Burma is an agriculture-based country with 70% of populations farmers who live in rural areas growing rice and other crops. The consecutive military regimes had confiscated lands from farmers, villagers, ethnic people and civilians for more than five decades. There are thousands of landless villagers whose lands were forcefully confiscated by military in Burma.

For further reading:

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