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Burma-Bangladesh Border


• Burma has the population of 60 millions mainly Buddhists. Burma shares border with China, India, Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand.
• Human beings live in the world but they have the different religions, faiths, perceptions, beliefs, traditions, customs and languages. We are part of the family of humans but all humans are not Burmese.
• Neither the U.N. nor any country’s government has the right to impose laws or regulations on us. Our entire Constitution describes how to function as one nation.

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Should there be any border in this globalized world?

• For example, private property has boundaries called property lines. The property owner is responsible for everything within those lines. No unauthorized persons have the right to cross over those lines. Likewise, no unauthorized persons have the right to enter our country. We have a responsibility to limit how many people may enter. We have the responsibility to determine whether or not they will be an asset to our nation.
• If I, as a property owner, protect animals on my property, I will prevent a hunter from trespassing and hunting them. It’s the same situation with our country’s immigration laws. If my personal property is so large that I can’t protect it from unwanted people or animals from coming in, then I fence it off.
• Burma is facing illegal immigrants intruding from Bangladesh for decades. These illegal Bengalis from Bangladesh created fake ethnic name called (so-called Rohingya) unlawfully claiming part of Burma as theirs, committing crimes against humanity and massacring on local indigenous Arakanese of Burma because we can’t control the border securely in the past.
• Tackling corruption of immigration officials, proper and effective patrolling of borders and erecting a barrier along with Bangladesh is recommended. The defence of our citizens is the very first obligation of our government. It must be done at any cost. So, I personally support that there should be the borders between nations and I strongly believe in national sovereignty.

Photo: US-Mexico Border Fence

Border Patrol Agents Monitor US-Mexico Border

US Maxican1

Should There Be Any Border in This Globalization World? by Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)


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