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Burma vs Bangladesh Sea Dispute


Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)

With reference to the HISTORY, in 1800s, the beginning of the problem was because of British who unlawfully, illegally and provokingly hoisting her flag on the St. Martin’s island (in Burmese Shin Ma Phyu Island) which is Burma’s territory. By taking advantage of advance in weapons, British provoked Burmese to fight the war.

Burmese King responded by sending the troops to destroyed the invading illegal rubbish British troops. But, cunning British invaders evaded escaping the attack. With the help of Bengali and Indian mercenaries, culprit British invading navy attacked Rangoon. In short, in 1824 Burma lost first Anglo-Burmese war. British annexed the St. Martin’s island into British territory which is under the Bengal. Before 1824 in reality — Assam, Chittagong, Manipur, Kachar, and St. Martin islands are all belonged to Burma.

Recent years, I’m very upset to see co-navy military exercise between USA and Bangladesh after the stand-off between Burma and Bangladesh navies regarding the dispute over sea territory. I would like to send the message to the USA Government that even though we don’t agree with military government but it doesn’t mean that we will stand still and doing nothing in regard to external threats. We will fight against them. USA navy should stay away from Burma and Bangladesh sea dispute.

Nothing is more important than NATIONAL interest. Nothing at all! National interest is all combined together. We all must be united fighting against external threats such as Bangladesh. I am declaring my position here that British government should stay away from this matter since British are the one who created such the historic problems. So-called Rohingya problems are the same. British created the problem.

Would British give away Falkland Islands to Argentina since these islands are closer to Argentina? British were wrong to go war against Argentina regarding Falkland’s islands???? Margret Thatcher was wrong???

If we look at the Spratly Islands crisis in South China Sea; China, Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam and several countries are claiming over such small islands. For sure, they are ready to take any action to protect their sovereignty.

Rubbish Thein Sein Government giving in Bangladesh. They don’t have the balls and they all are such a coward government. Shame on you all. Burmese Navy, Army and Air Force what are they doing now????? Are they truly capable?? Are they truly efficient? Are they truly reliable? What is the point having the 500, 000 soldiers in the military????? What is the point military using half of the nation’s budget???? Gen. Than Shwe, Gen. Maung Aye, Col. Aung Thaung all coward thieves.

Divided we lost. I am deeply saddened to learn the decision over the maritime dispute between Burma and Bangladesh and I would object this verdict. After reading the statement, I do not believe that it is a fair decision. Above all, I’m totally upset to learn that the decision cannot be appealed and so I would label it as a sham. Time for all political and ethnics leaders of Burma to unite against such unfair decision for the mother land regardless of the political stand or beliefs.

All the Burmese must mobilize our public outcry before too late so as to reject COURT’s ruling. It would be much stronger if powerful and influential leaders like U Tin Oo, U Win Tin, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Ko Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, U Khun Htun Oo, and ethnic leaders join in showing solidarity and support.

Burma lost our sea territory since the nation is so divided due to the rubbish military regime ruling the country combining with sanction which deter Burma not possible to hire international law firms, which deter Burma foreign minister to travel Germany attending court and no support whatsoever from opposition democratic and ethnics leaders.

For Burma Democratic Concern (BDC), we totally objected the verdict. We don’t accept the court’s ruling. Our fellow Burmese, please show your OBJECTION against the court decision. We can’t give away our sea and related territory to Bangladesh.


Ref: http://www.itlos.org/fileadmin/itlos/documents/cases/case_no_16/1-C16_Judgment_14_02_2012.pdf





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