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Constitutional amendment goes to public opinion poll next month


The People’s Network for Constitutional Reform will conduct public opinion polls on the amendment of Sections 436 and 59 of the 2008 Constitution, in states and regions commencing next month, according to the network’s Myo Yan Naung Thein.

“Our network will start collecting public opinion on Sections 436 and 59 starting the end of this month. The network formation will be extended in townships, districts, states and regions in order that campaigns can be organised far and wide. Plans are underway to create a new network,” said Myo Yan Naung Thein.

The PNCR was formed with 34 political and civic organisations with the intent of making constitutional reform efforts known to the public. The new network will be made up of more than 250 organisations.


The network conducted public opinion in 12 townships throughout Myanmar in November and December last year with the purpose of crafting a constitution the people want. The public submitted more than 5,000 suggestions to amend the constitution and sent them to the Review Committee for Constitutional Amendment.

The PNCR released a statement demanding that the Union Assembly completely amend Section 436 and Section 59 (f).



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