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Local phone dot com 19p/m


Our Internet Phone lets you make low cost calls & send SMS using your computer

Straight-forward desktop dialing

You don’t need a phone line

Stay in touch anywhere in the world using your computer

Same low call rates as our other calling services

Access our cheap rates using your broadband connection

Save your contacts for quicker calling

Use our Internet Phone app to manage your contacts

Other Internet Phone users can call you for free

Just give them your Internet Phone number to call you on


We just need to verify your number

We’re going to give you an automated call to the phone you registered. Just answer and press 1 to continue.

You need at least one verified number to:
Call from your mobile or landline
Make Internet phone calls
Send global text messages
Add credit to your account

Call Myanmar for 19p Cheap Calls to Myanmar

Cheap calls to Myanmar for just 19p per minute with no contracts or hidden charges. Phone Myanmar for less with Localphone—sign up now and your first call is free!

All Landlines


All Networks

Prices are shown in British pence per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute


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