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General-secretary of monitoring commission for free and fair elections in Myanmar


Election Commission to issue ID cards to election observers

Yangon-The Union Election Commission will issue an identification cards to election observers from various civil society organisations (CSO’s) who will be monitoring the work of polling station members whether they carry out polling functions in accord with the law for enabling political parties to compete in the upcoming 2015 elections.

The move came from Tun Aye, chairman of the Union Election Commission, told the reporters at the coordination meeting organised between the UEC and CSO’ representatives in Yangon.

“It is required to monitor the whole elections from the start to end,” said Myo Yan Naung Thein, general-secretary of monitoring commission for free and fair elections in Myanmar.

“We were not allowed to monitor the elections in 2010. If someone does not have the right to cast the vote, he or she is not allowed to go in the polling station. Despite monitoring groups were in 2012, there was no one to inspect polling functions. Monitoring was not allowed since then. Those who would monitor the polling activities need to have the permission of the chairman of the UEC. Registration is not OK in Nay Pyi Taw. Registration must be easy at the respective sub-commissions in the states and regions. Officially-recognised cards must have been acquired before the start of collecting eligible voters,” Myo Yan Naung Thein said.


“Regarding the civil society organisation members who need to be recognised by the UEC to monitor the polling functions, the UEC chairman said that Pakistan and Cambodia had code of conducts when I had been to these countries. There was a need to sign to follow the codes of conduct. If signing was made, a recognised card was issued out. If someone had the card, he was allowed to monitor the elections and could raise questions. Myanmar would also do the same,” he said.

In response of the question about “by-elections for the vacant seats would be held this year”, the UEC chairman replied that he would discuss the matter at the Parliament.



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