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Burmese are killed, murdered and chopped in Malaysia


Revenge main motive for Myanmar killings
By Sandeep Chaurley
Published: December 5, 2014 02:08 AM
GEORGE TOWN, Dec 5 ― Revenge over incidents in their homeland has been established as the root cause of the series of grisly killings involving Myanmar nationals in Penang as police arrested eight more suspects this week.
Seven others were arrested earlier, bringing the number of those held for the spate of murders to 15. All those arrested were Myanmar nationals aged between 20 and 40.
State police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi said: “We can tell from the way the victims died … it was revenge they brought here from their country.
“The assailants did not use firearms in their killings. They used machetes to chop their victims into pieces.”
He described the latest arrest as a “major breakthrough” for the force following the slayings of at least 18 Myanmar nationals in Penang since the beginning of the year.
“We can tell that these (killings) are the work of Myanmar nationals … they bring their hatred here from their country of origin,” he said.
“The latest suspect was detained in Rawang, Selangor yesterday and a remand order has been obtained,” he said, adding the other suspects were detained at various locations in the state.
Asked if the murders were linked to communal clashes in Myanmar, Abdul Rahim said police were investigating all aspects.
Malay Mail had on Monday quoted police sources as saying communal clashes were linked to the savage killings of 23 Myanmar nationals in the state over the past 11 months.
The main suspect, a man from the Arakan district in Myanmar, was among the seven arrested last week. He admitted to killing three of his countrymen following ethnic tensions between Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar, sources revealed.
Sources said the main suspect claimed six of his family members were killed during communal clashes in his home state a year ago.
Police later picked up six other suspects based on the phone logs of the main suspect.
The killings were committed on both the island and mainland and the victims were found with their throats slit, and heads and limbs chopped off.
Most of the victims were factory and construction workers. They were Buddhists and knew their assailants.
The victims, aged between 20 and 40, were abducted from their homes, murdered elsewhere and their bodies dumped in isolated areas, including plantations and rivers.
Malay Mail had in September highlighted the flashpoint of the violence was in Seberang Prai where Rohingya Muslims from the western Rakhine state were the main suspects in the killings.
To date, there have been 51 murders in the state involving 33 foreigners over the past 11 months.


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